Lawn Care And Maintenance Services

Montella Landscaping’s experience and training provides the best lawn care in NJ, making your lawn beautiful while saving you money, time, and back aches.

Good lawn care and maintenance practices will help you have the best lawn New Jersey will see this and every season. Montella Landscaping offers a variety of services for lawn care in NJ.

You can request your free estimate today and for a customized package that will be designed just for your lawn.

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New Jersey Lawn Care and Lawn Mainteneance Companies

Popular Lawn Maintenance Services:

  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Weekly Grounds Maintenance
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Fall Clean Up
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Lawn Installation

Weekly Lawn/Grounds Maintenance Includes:

All lawn areas mowed for clean appearance.

Edge concrete drive and walk areas.

Trim around all trees, and planting beds.

Trimmings bagged or mulched.

Debris blown off sidewalks, driveways, and street.


Lawn Renovation

Core Aeration and seeding performed late summer / early fall before leaves start to fall.

Topsoil and seeding applied in early Spring or Fall.

Spot seeding can be performed during Spring and Fall Clean-ups (additional costs apply).


Lawn Installation

Remove old Lawn


Fall Clean-Up Includes:

2 to 4 visits depending on leaf drop

Remove leaves, branches and debris from lawn and planting bed areas

Sticks and debris removed during the final fall clean-up

Final lawn cut included with the fall clean-up

Gutters cleaned to prevent winter damage to gutters/roofs

Spot seeding (additional costs may apply)


Spring Clean-Up Includes:

Remove leaves, branches and debris from lawn and planting bed areas.

* Spring clean-up is included with seasonal contract

  • Clean gutters if needed
  • Edge lawn and bed borders
  • De-thatch lawn
  • Treat lawn with per-emergent fertilizer
  • Deep spade edge all planting beds
  • Prune dead wood from trees
  • Mulch Installation (Additional Cost)
  • Spot seeding (additional costs apply)


Pruning promotes healthy growth and prevents the spread of disease and may take place during lawn maintenance services; larger jobs may have to be performed on a different day.

  • Trim shrubs and bushes
  • Prune overgrown shrubs and bushes
  • Cut base growth and cross branches
  • Prune Trees under 20 feet

Bed Maintenance

  • Remove and replace mulch
  • All beds weeded and re-edged
  • Weed control- Pre-emergent herbicide applied
  • Weed removal- Post-emergent herbicide applied

**Disease, pest, and fungal shrub infections will be addressed and treated at additional costs.

Mulch Installation

New mulch promotes health, reduces weed growth, and keeps beds looking new. Mulch can be added to several areas around your home or business including tree bases, planting beds, and playground areas.

  • Organic Double Hammer Mill Mulch
  • Color Enhanced Mulch-Black
  • Color Enhanced Mulch-Brown
  • Color Enhanced Mulch-Red

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