All pricing varies depending on size of yard and maintenance requested. Contact us now for your Free Quote!

Sign a contract before the end of April and receive two free cuts.

Sign a contract after April and receive one free cut.

Weekly Mowing *Prices Vary, billed monthly

  • Mowing Weekly through end of growing season, sometime in November.
  • Each mowing includes
    • string trimming
    • blow down of driveways, patios, decks, and walkways
    • Limited additional services can be added on i.e., weeding.
    • Additional services (billed separate)
    • fertilizing

Bi-weekly Services*Prices Vary, billed monthly

  • Mowing every other week through the end of the growing season, usually sometime in November.
  •  String trimming
  • blow down of driveways, patios, decks, and walkways

*Note- The vast majority of lawns grow too much and too fast to qualify for bi-weekly service. If we agree to this service and find your lawn grows too fast, you will have the option of switching to the weekly plan or paying an additional fee for bagging.

Monthly*A seasonal contract is required and must be signed by the end of April.

Typically a growing season consists of 26 cuts, with this service you are only charged for 24, no additional fees are charged if more than 26 mowing services are required. A flat monthly fee will be charged over 8 months for mowing services plus one additional service of your choice.

This package includes:
• Lawn Mowing- Weekly or as needed mowing beginning the month mowing begins and will continue through October.
• String trimming
• Blow down of driveways, patios, decks, and walkways
• Choose one of the following services:
o Weeding
o Fertilizing
o Bark mulch
o Spring/fall cleanups
* Extra services can be added to all packages for an additional cost, i.e. weeding.
Other services, i.e. fertilizing and spring/fall cleanups will be billed separately at the completion of the service.

On-Call Service

    *Prices vary depending on status of yard. Each cut will be billed upon completion.

Reasons to use On-Call services-

  • You’re away on vacation
  •  Broken Lawn Mower
  •  Busy Week.

Each On-Call service includes:

  • Mowing
  •  String trimming
  •  Blow down of driveways, patios, decks, and walkways.